The History

It is the year 1904 and František Myšák opens his own pastry-shop. He had everything worked out to the last detail– he relied on a high quality of ingredients, he hired the best architects and looked after his employees very well.

Pohled na schodište (foto Trousil, 1940)
Pohled na schodište (foto Trousil, 1940)
František Myšák was a much-respected pastry chef – his hands produced cakes for well-known personalities from the worlds of politics, culture and sport. Even T. G. Masaryk had a cake from Myšák for his 80th birthday. Myšák's desserts where also enjoyed by celebrities of the time, such as Oldřich Nový, Ema Destinnová, Růžena Nasková or the tennis player Jan Koželuh.
Amongst the original recipes of the pastry-shop belonged orange pancakes and caramel cream. Continually on offer were the so-called icebergs, indians, trdlovec (pastry baked in a pan) or fruit with marzipan. “I feel it is necessary to underline the fact that all products were made from only the highest quality ingredients. Margarine was not allowed to cross the threshhold of the shop. After the war came ever more substitute food-stuffs. My father was deeply unhappy about the whole situation. He said that it was “no longer pastry-making but chemistry“ remembers his son František, who became, just as his father had, a master of his craft and took over the family business.
Původní bar (foto Trousil 1940)
Původní bar (foto Trousil 1940)
The pastry-shop worked under the baton of the family Myšák until the end of the war, but was then officially shut. The biggest blow came at the end of February 1948 – the company was nationalized and the presence of the Myšák family was unsolicited. František Myšák junior has remained in the profession and gains much success in international competitions – for example in the worldwide exhibition Expo 1958 in Brussels.

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